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Saturday, May 27, 2006

Retro shirts: retro grammar

Nestle make chocolate. They're also leaping on the Summer of Football my offering you a chance to win a 'retro shirt'. By golly!

But they may run into problems judging by their promotional website:

"Win a retro shirt 1,000's to be won"

(I would do a screengrab but I'm a technical retard. If a more competent contributor than myself would like to rectify this, then be my guest)

What depresses me if the most is they've clearly released the need for a comma in 1,000, but are oblivious to not only the flagrant misuse of an apostrophe, but also the crying need for some form of punctuation.

Imagine if the Milkybar Kid had proclaimed: "The Milkybar's are on me!" Nestle could have been faced with lawsuits, crying children and possibly a riot on their hands. Is a piece of chocolate worth this pain? Arguably not.


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