my grammar could hit the target from that distance

The revolution has begun. No longer will we put up with dodgy speeling, misplaced apostrophes' or improper; punctuation? P.S. pointing out bad grammar in postings is banned. To justify this I'm applying a form of grammatical 'absolute privilege', as the public interest in publishing mistakes far outweighs the cost to the public of making further mistakes. Call me a hypocrite if you will, but it works in Westminster.

Wednesday, February 28, 2007


MySpace just refused to accept a message I was sending because it contained apostrophes! Rupert Murdoch is clearly a cretin - though I think we knew that already.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Make no bone's about it...

Passed on to me by two equally pedantic colleagues (unfortunately no photographic evidence available):

Seen in the window of a butcher's shop in Marple, Cheshire:

For your pets

Bones and Carcus's


Yesterday, on the way back to Reading from lunch, my eagle-eyed passenger spotted a sign outside a shop in Woolhampton:


Friday, February 16, 2007

Worst of all

A couple from the Isle of Wight's Bestival.

The first is a gem, as it turns the advert from being an invitation ("Reveller's Retreat") into an instruction to go away ("Revellers Retreat").


It seems a shame to put so much effort into a sign, and then fall at the last.

Watch it guvnor

Will - I'll delete your post just this once, but if I catch you putting gibberish on htis (sic) site again I'll come round there and bash you one.

Big love to Jomec.


So that's where my taxes go

The Tate Modern, eh? Chuffing ignorant pigs.

Can't remember if I posted this one. It's childish, but so am I.

Push my bottom - arf arf.