my grammar could hit the target from that distance

The revolution has begun. No longer will we put up with dodgy speeling, misplaced apostrophes' or improper; punctuation? P.S. pointing out bad grammar in postings is banned. To justify this I'm applying a form of grammatical 'absolute privilege', as the public interest in publishing mistakes far outweighs the cost to the public of making further mistakes. Call me a hypocrite if you will, but it works in Westminster.

Saturday, June 24, 2006


Maybe they should've stuck with tea, it's easier to spell.

Canton, Cardiff

Friday, June 16, 2006

Northern time

Guns 'n Roses visit the New Castle.

According to the BBC, the people of Britain are talking about "Gay gay marriage geordies" and "Robbie Williams Romany Roots". You could write poetry with this site.

People of Britain by Robbie Lane

Breastfeeding Bristol slip down the league
Football fans wave flags of pride
Geordies prepare for gay gay marriage
While Robbie Williams explores his gypsy roots
But remember please, people of Britain
Rams talk and houses hunt.

Monday, June 12, 2006

my grammar could hit the target from that distance

my grammar could hit the target from that distance

As my phone is sans camera I'm going to have to describe this:

Yesterday my girlfriend went to Co-Op to get some BBQ food. She returned with a packet of beefburgers that said on the packet: "100% Beef bugers (99% Beef, 1% Seasoning).


Saturday, June 10, 2006


(Photo by Adam Gasson)

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Gypsy hunting

Here's the BBC Hampshire messageboard demonstrating the danger of not using commas in a list. Unless "gypsy hunting" is actually what people are talking about, which could be the case in Hampshire.

Monday, June 05, 2006

I was waiting for a fortuitous moment in which to step up. Found it. The following post appeared on work's website. I've italicised and emboldened the defining sentence.

Subject: Hello there, I s'pose I'd be called a newbie..
Date: 03/06/2006

Hello to all you gorgious authors and author wannabes out there! I'm 14
years old and I am already a keen writer. I write novels, but have not yet
managed to finish one, and I suspect this is most likely due to the fact that I
hav no real way of planning the plot or what will fall into line where in the
story. I have been writing and re-writing the beginning of a perticular novel
that i got inspiration for two years ago, and I filled up a whole notepad with
it, and this was quite a thick note pad! But I felt it was sloppily written and
had no shape and was unorganised, so I began writing it on the computer. I then
became muchhhhhh better at writing and wrote the beginning AGAIN. To avoid me
writing it yet again (i have written it more times than stated above, but I
can't be bothered to list more...) would any kind person out there pass onto me
their pearls of wisdome? I'm open to trying anything as I feel this story could
realy go somewhere, and many people tell me hoe brilliant it is, and lots who I
have shown it to keep pestering me for the next part (ha! Fat chance of me
getting a next part anytime soon...) although I am immensely critical of it
myself. I really need the tips, people!!! P.S. I appologise now for the grammer,
spelling and punctuation mistakes in the plea above... I don't know
about you, but I find bad grammer almost painful to read...