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The revolution has begun. No longer will we put up with dodgy speeling, misplaced apostrophes' or improper; punctuation? P.S. pointing out bad grammar in postings is banned. To justify this I'm applying a form of grammatical 'absolute privilege', as the public interest in publishing mistakes far outweighs the cost to the public of making further mistakes. Call me a hypocrite if you will, but it works in Westminster.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Award winning pape(r)

To all those still working on the Gair Rhydd, my sincere apologies, I love you all and don't wish to offend. This was sent to me by a GR reader and I'm therefore legally obliged to upload it. To everyone else who's sent me pictures recently, I apologise for my slackness, I only have internet access at work which is RUBBISH and will hopefully be amended soon.


At 2:42 AM, Blogger Matthew said...

That's a painful typo, in its context and all. Which is why it's here, no doubt, but still: I winced. Audibly.

At 4:37 PM, Blogger charlie said...

Good old gair rhydd.

Just think of those people working away in the media penthouse til the early hours of the morning. Fuelled only by Domino's, it's no wonder they make stupid mistakes in that pape.


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